3 Major Mahjong Tournaments to Watch in 2014

Mahjong.com - 3 Major Mahjong Tournaments to Watch in 2014

Mahjong is a fun game to play online in solitaire form, but the original version of mahjong is a table game to be played with other people. Mahjong tournaments are one of the best ways to experience the fun and excitement of mahjong in an energetic, competitive atmosphere.

There are a variety of mahjong tournaments where experienced mahjong players can test their skills against a higher level of competition. If you love to play mahjong online and if you’d like to put your mahjong strategies to the test in a fun, competitive format – or if you’d just like to learn more about mahjong and be part of the excitement, here are a few mahjong tournaments happening in 2014 that you won’t want to miss!

Mahjong Madness Tournament in Atlanta (Perimeter at Ravinia) (May 23-25, 2014)

Springtime in Atlanta is a beautiful, warm setting for mahjong tournaments! Don’t miss the chance to play mahjong against top competition as part of the Mahjong Madness series of mahjong tournaments. Accommodations are available at the Crowne Plaza across from the Perimeter Mall, close to upscale shopping and restaurants with a free hotel shuttle to take you everywhere you need to go in the vicinity. There are 4 sessions of mahjong tournaments ranging from Friday to Sunday, with the award ceremony on Sunday for the winners. More details and ticket information are available here.

Riichi Mahjong World Championship (Paris) (July 16-20, 2014)

The first annual Riichi Mahjong World Championship will be held in Puteaux, France (a suburb on the western border of Paris) on July 16-20, 2014. If you love mahjong and would like to witness the excitement of one of the world’s premier mahjong tournaments, perhaps this event will be worth adding to your travel schedule. Players from many countries are qualifying for this tournament via their home countries’ mahjong associations. The competition will be held at the Mairie de Puteaux (Puteaux City Hall), a beautiful venue which has been featured in several films. For more details on the Riichi Mahjong World Championship, please visit the official website.

Mahjong Cruise – Royal Caribbean “Independence of the Seas” (Dec. 6-14, 2014)

If you love exciting vacations and you love to play mahjong, what could be better than to play mahjong onboard a beautiful cruise ship? This mahjong cruise will sail the Eastern Caribbean with onboard mahjong tournaments. Thousands of dollars in cash prizes, trophies and mahjong merchandise will be available during the several days of mahjong tournaments, along with special cocktail parties, gifts and amenities exclusively for mahjong players and their guests. Get more information and reserve tickets for this mahjong tournament here.