4 Unusual Reasons to Play Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong.com--4 Unusual Reasons to Play Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong is a popular game all over the world, and many people love to play mahjong solitaire online. Playing mahjong is a great way to relax, energize your mind, and enjoy a mentally challenging puzzle game. Millions of people all over Asia and around the world play mahjong as a competitive table game – in mahjong tournaments, on mahjong cruises, and in everyday friendly competition and socializing at parties, weddings and afternoon get-togethers. Mahjong solitaire is a bit different, since only individual people play it and so it doesn’t have the same social component as the mahjong table game. But there are also some surprising reasons to play mahjong solitaire…

3 Amazing Guinness World Records for Playing Mahjong


Mahjong is a game that inspires great passion and devotion – many mahjong players play the game for hours on end, in all kinds of settings, and with a single-minded focus and dedication that rivals some of the greatest sports fans in the world. But did you know that mahjong is not just for playing online as mahjong solitaire, or for playing in casual games with friends? Some mahjong players have taken their love of mahjong to the extreme level and have set new world records for their mahjong playing. Here are a few of the most amazing Guinness World Records for mahjong…

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