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Mahjong is one of the best strategy games of all time. The game originated in China, but, is now enjoyed all over the world. The goal of Mahjong is to eliminate all of the tiles from the board by finding their pairs. Not only is it fun to play Mahjong, but, it is also great for your brain! So, what are you waiting for? Keep your brain healthy and have fun! Play our free Mahjong game now!

About Mahjong

This game is also known as Shanghai or Mahjong Solitaire. Mahjong is a classic Chinese board game discovered by the world in 1920, fast becoming one of the most played puzzles ever.

How to Play Mahjong

Mahjong solitaire is not only a fun online game to play. It is easy to learn as well! The rules of Mahjong are simple. Here are the basics of how to play Mahjong solitaire:

  • Look for pairs of tiles. Keep in mind that you can only remove a tile if it has space on either its left or its right. If it has a tile on both sides, you cannot remove it.

  • Once you have found a pair of tiles that both have space on one side, remove them from the board.

  • As you remove tiles from the board, new pairs will become visible and you can remove them as well.

  • Continue removing tiles until there are either no tiles left or you have no more legal moves. If you remove all of the tiles from the board, you win.

The traditional Mahjong game consists on several pieces appearing four times each. You can find less traditional games where pairs can only be combined once.

Be careful! Not all pairs are the right ones. Think before you match pieces, or you may be blocked and have to shuffle, receiving a time penalty.

Some Mahjong games allow you to undo your moves, so you can try again. Some moves may also lead to the end of the game if they become unsolvable.

Mahjong Tips:

Mahjong is easy to play, but, there is also some strategy involved. Because there are four of each tile on the board, you should be careful to think ahead to make sure that you aren’t left with any “trapped” tiles. Here are a few Mahjong tips to help you improve your game:

  • Keep in mind that there are four of each tile. Before removing a pair, look ahead to make sure that you aren’t going to leave another tile “trapped”.

  • Try to remove the tiles that will free the most other pieces. It pays to have options.

  • If you see all four tiles of a certain type free, remove them all. There is no disadvantage to doing this and it will give you room to move.

  • Be careful when you see three tiles of the same type available. Try to leave the tile that is blocking the least number of other pieces.

Now that you know how to play Mahjong, jump in and experience this free online game!